Digital Economy Bill: Aftermath

Just a quick post to list the 47 MPs who voted against the Digital Economy Bill (now Digital Economy Act) in the final vote after the Third Reading on Wednesday 7 April 2010 (stats and names courtesy of and Alix Mortimer).

Update: to find out if and how your MP voted on the DE Bill, see VoteThemOut.

The final tally was 189 votes For the Bill and 47 Against. The Againsts break down by party as:

  • 23 Labour
  • 16 Liberal Democrat
  • 5 Conservative
  • 3 Other
  • 2 plus two Lib Dem tellers.

The names of those who voted against are as follows:

Abbott, Ms Diane (Lab)
Amess, Mr. David (Con)
Barrett, John (Lib Dem)
Beith, rh Sir Alan (Lib Dem)
Breed, Mr. Colin (Lib Dem)
Burgon, Colin (Lab)
Burstow, Mr. Paul (Lib Dem)
Carmichael, Mr. Alistair (Lib Dem)
Cash, Mr. William (Con)
Challen, Colin (Lab)
Chope, Mr. Christopher (Con)
Corbyn, Jeremy (Lab)
Davey, Mr. Edward (Lib Dem)
Davies, Mr. Dai (Ind)
Davis, rh Mr. David (Con)
Dismore, Mr. Andrew (Lab)
Drew, Mr. David (Lab)
Fallon, Mr. Michael (Con)
Featherstone, Lynne (Lib Dem)
Foster, Mr. Don (Lib Dem)
Gerrard, Mr. Neil (Lab)
Grogan, Mr. John (Lab)
Hancock, Mr. Mike (Lib Dem)
Harris, Dr. Evan (Lib Dem)
Hoey, Kate (Lab)
Howarth, David (Lib Dem)
Howarth, rh Mr. George
Hughes, Simon (Lib Dem)
Jones, Lynne (Lab)
Joyce, Eric (Lab)
Keetch, Mr. Paul (Lib Dem)
Kilfoyle, Mr. Peter (Lab)
Lazarowicz, Mark (Lab)
Love, Mr. Andrew (Lab)
Marshall-Andrews, Mr. Robert (Lab)
Mitchell, Mr. Austin (Lab)
Öpik, Lembit (Lib Dem)
Paisley, rh Rev. Ian (DUP)
Palmer, Dr. Nick (Lab)
Price, Adam (Plaid)
Reed, Mr. Andy (Lab)
Russell, Bob (Lib Dem)
Simpson, Alan (Lab)
Thurso, John (Lib Dem)
Todd, Mr. Mark (Lab)
Truswell, Mr. Paul (Lab)
Watson, Mr. Tom (Lab)

Tellers for the Noes:
John Hemming (Lib Dem)
Mr. John Leech (Lib Dem)

My own MP, Mark Lazarowicz of Labour, is highlighted. In my correspondence with him over the Bill, he pledged to vote down the more controversial measures and I am pleased to see that the strength of his convictions stretched to voting against the final Bill. Other Edinburgh residents may also be interested to know that John Barrett MP (Lib Dem, Edinburgh West) also voted against the DE Bill. The other three Edinburgh MPs, Alistair Darling, Nigel Griffiths and Gavin Strang (all Labour) either voted in favour of the Bill or were absent.

Update 11/04/2010: Nigel Griffiths (Labour, Edinburgh South) and Alistair Darling (Labour, Edinburgh South West) were absent and did not vote on the Digital Economy Bill. Gavin Strang (Labour, Edinburgh East) voted in favour of the Bill.

Update 12/04/2010: Mark Lazarowicz has blogged about his opposition towards the Digital Economy Bill and its implication on future parliamentary sessions.

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